Tips to Become a Successful Animator


Animation is not just about learning software – It is a creative expression. Animation is for those who have creativity and love to create magic. If you are one of them, a career in animation is your cup of tea! Read on to know how to become a successful animator.

Master the art of drawing

As an animator, you will need to have strong skills in drawing. Whether you’re born with a natural talent to draw or not, practice can help fine tune your drawing skills. Practise drawing human forms, plants, animals, cars, landscapes, etc.

Dream and observe the world around you

Practise a daydreaming routine where numerous fantasy images are born. Go outdoors, observe people and other objects — gestures of people in various public places, their expressions, imagine what they are thinking or talking, children playing, dogs running, plants, animals, vegetables in market, malls, etc. Take an outdoor sketching tour and improve your sketching skills.
Look at other fine animators’ works
There are many seasoned and great animators in the animation industry for many years now. Follow their work and accomplishments closely to study from their best practices and then create your own style.

Education and Training

While you need not have a college degree to become an animator, most employers prefer to hire job candidates who have completed professional courses in Animation, Computer Graphics or a related discipline from a reputed institute. If you want to create animation for video games, you need certification in video game design or interactive media. The industry looks for candidates who have a strong foundation in drawing, visual arts and communication design, and who’ve had hands-on experience in all the software and tools popular in the industry. Industry interface during training with masterclasses, live projects and jury evaluation will be an added advantage.

There are also numerous tutorials and forums on animation available on the internet for free, but one will miss out on the exposure to industry practices and industry relations which is crucial while training.

You can choose to specialize and work in any segment of the industry. Some of them include:

  • 3D Animation – The creation of moving pictures in a 3-dimensional digital environment.
  • 2D Animation – The creation of moving pictures in a 2-dimensional environment.
  • VFX – Blending real film shooting with virtual animated images.
  • Gaming – Designing games for PC, Internet, Touchpads, Mobile & Consoles (such as Playstation or Xbox).

Make a demo reel or showcase of your work

Your demo reel is the most vital thing that will be reviewed by an employer. So it’s important that you create it carefully.

While creating a demo reel, include only your best work, start and end with your strongest pieces, tailor it to your dream job, focus on your strengths, keep it short and simple and try to make it impressive.

There are various online sites where you can find how to make a good demo reel. Individual institutes also guide and help in the preparation of this important portfolio.

Join an animation industry association

Join and take membership into an industry association. This can give you a platform to share your work with other animators and to attend workshops to further develop your animation skills. Many of these associations have job listings that are only available to members.

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Tips to Become a Successful Animator

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