The trendiest new Indian fashion designers to look out for

Fashion is serious business, and like any other reputed field, it has its honchos. Let’s take a look at the top Indian fashion designers to look out for in 2017:

Aneeth Arora

Aneeth Arora has made an impressive mark in the Indian fashion industry with her early start, portraying designs that interpret global aesthetics using Indian textiles and appeals. Her resulting creations communicate the style of the global Indian — elegant but effortless.

Nimish Shah

He’s a style genius who honed his fashion sense as an alumnus of London College of Fashion. His aesthetic is indie-spirited, and he often uses textiles like Khadi and organic cotton. In the past, he has described his brand as Scandinavian-style with elements of dorky and geeky.

Dhruv Kapoor

Dhruv Kapoor has brought to the forefront a new dimension of the “boho” look in India. His designs are quintessentially indie, and his creations leverage the effortlessness of the street chic look. His designs can be summed up as monochromatic, oversized and sporty silhouetted.

Shweta Kapur

The looks Shweta Kapur tries to achieve through her label are unassumingly simple — sporty can be sexy. Her design sensibility is minimalistic, with a focus on looking comfortable and feeling at ease in one’s own skin. Shweta Kapur is a graduate from the London School of Fashion, and in the past, has worked with brands like Burberry and Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla.

Ragini Ahuja

Here’s a designer that creates fashion for the new-age woman — designs that are feminine but exude confidence and a ‘take charge’ attitude. Her label plays with motifs that have a lucid far-eastern influence — motifs like the paper cranes, Japanese hand fans, and the rising sun. She mixes polka dots, Japanese stitching and prints and patterns with all-neutral pallets and anti-fit silhouettes.

If you’re inspired by these fashion designers that are blazing a new path in the fashion industry then read on.

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The trendiest new Indian fashion designers to look out for

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